Production status and characteristics of the ink enterprise in our country

Published on:2015/1/7 11:37:51

Keyword:Carton, printing presses, alcohol
Introduction:China accounts for 5 ~ 6% of the world's ink printing ink production, ranked fourth, in the United States, Japan, Germany, and increasing at the rate ...

Chinese ink production accounts for 5 ~ 6% of the world's ink, ranked fourth, in the United States, Japan, Germany, and increasing at the rate of l0 % above each year.According to statistics, China's printing ink dosage is 220000 t, 2001 in 2002 to 242100 for 274600 t, 2003 t: production in 2001 to 2001 for 220000 t, 2002 t, 2003 of 244600 t in China, the proportion of offset printing ink, the largest accounts for 40-45% of the market, annual rate of nearly 6%, CS - 2000 spectral radiation luminance meter Flexographic printing ink is rising at a rate of 5% per year, gravure printing ink continued steady growth, silk screen printing inks have growth trends, alcohol soluble ink, and water-based ink demand will grow rapidly.

China's printing industry with the distribution of ink production enterprises is one of the interesting features, is each manufacturer are consciously or unconsciously go the way of specialization, the top 10 ink manufacturers are basically offset printing ink factory, or gravure printing ink maker, and with individual varieties of the amount of ink as main product, developed in recent years it is more serious ink factory, such as zhongshan yip's ink co., LTD. (gravure printing ink), zhejiang yong in the chemical industry co., LTD. (such as gravure printing ink), basic professional way, go the way of market promotion.Domestic packaging printing base in recent years also developed in high speed, jiangsu and zhejiang area, the pearl river delta in guangdong province with the chaoshan area, etc.Ink in the packaging printing industry for the last few years leads development than the fast, and there is a significant features compared is first introduced complete sets of printing equipment and printing ink, ink after localization, printing equipment and localization.The ink enterprise of guangdong province has also developed rapidly in recent years, production of larger manufacturers.Guangdong zhaoqing dragon deep, ink printing ink chemical co., LTD., shenzhen co., LTD., guangdong beauty ning group co., LTD., zhongshan yip's ink co., LTD., shantou five-star ink factory, jiangmen toyo ink co., LTD., zhuhai yue tong ink paint co., LTD., etc., special is the chaoshan area in the late 90 s the development of the printing ink manufacturers have dozens, and several production more than 2000 t. ink domestic enterprises features:

multinational companies and joint ventures (about 10) occupies the domestic high-end market, such as Japan, China, DIC, high, etc., the main products include offset printing ink - plastic composite ink printing ink, newspapers and so on;Its products are of good quality, high speed printing, suitable for high-grade printing machine printing packaging with printed matter.And the high speed printing paper.The annual total ink production nearly 10-120000 - t.

More than

, a large number of private enterprises (about 1000) occupied the low-end market, main product is the carton printing ink (water-based low-end), plastic gravure printing ink, screen printing ink, etc.It's a guarantee of product quality, and more used in ordinary domestic cheap printing machine printing demand items of packaging and printing.As used in the cartons, bags, shopping bags, etc.The statistics, the total ink production is difficult to forecast also has 8-100000 tons.Make good ink private enterprises, not perfection, dedicated to come up with their own characteristics.

state-owned enterprises, can produce all kinds of printing ink, in the traditional products, on the intermediate products have certain competitiveness.Now as the enterprise restructuring, into the two types of enterprises, leave more and more downhill, annual production of about 4 to 50000 tons.