Corrugated packaging in the packaging industry is still indispensable

Published on:2015/1/7 11:23:08

Keyword:Containers, pallets, metal, drill pipe
Introduction:At present, the plastic container in transport packaging occupy the dominant position in the market, but specific to the transport packaging container...

At present, the plastic container in transport packaging occupy the dominant position in the market, but specific to the transport packaging container that can be recycled, or is given priority to with corrugated packaging.

accurately speaking, the corrugated industry development is not very desirable, is often even people bad-mouthing - in spite of this, the industry still has many point worth mentioning, columns such as box is lighter weight, easy to printing, etc.

but the above characteristics, corrugated box is also very environmentally friendly.Corrugated board is generally made from recycled paper raw materials, with non-toxic with the characteristics of easy to recycle, and rich forestry resources to enhance the corrugated industry development potential.Corrugated paper USES

variety, convenience of transportation, has been widely applied in foreign retail.Manufacturers to be able to design and production of paper shelves according to the characteristics of the corrugated paper, before this is an expensive metal shelves, shipped to the store and assembled by the clerk, used to put the products for sale.

corrugated packaging industry innovation, which can help product fast shelves system is the core.Product shipped to retail outlets, more boxes are "upside down".It on the bottom of the principles, so that when the tray to move a single box, both sides can include product to display on the shelves.If the structure is correct, manufacturers need for secondary packaging to reduce the warehouse operation process, reduce the cost.

on the condition of the strength of corrugated cardboard, 35% lower than a decade ago cost, light weight by 20%, and as the technology advances, the cost will change with the weight.

British packaging association member John said to the corrugated market tells us that "the British corrugated packaging industry, development and stability, but on the other hand, corrugated import has been growing in recent years, so the packaging enterprise is a little bad. And plastic products of special is shrink film is widely used also produced some effect, but, the progress of printing technology also make corrugated box is becoming more attractive to some users."

"die cutting and shaping of transport packaging is very important, because the joint packing will help reduce the loss of the goods transportation experience to improve transport efficiency."

"DIY market still is growth point in the development of corrugated packaging, whether drill pipe box, retail outlets or hub, is based on meet the demand of market. I think corrugated board would like is the same as other packaging materials is developing rapidly."

then packing enterprise itself is how to think, all people like corrugated industry?CEPAC managing director Harold Ben ainslie said, "we are in the UK in 2000 to build the most advanced corrugated board company, specializing in the production of cheap products, to give good service for the user."

"advanced idea, take the lead in technology, complex precision in computer design tools become the three advantages of our company. So, our company performance of corrugated board must be at least 20% higher than other companies. Or under the same paper strength, reduce the cardboard specifications, or guarantee the performance of existing products. Help to increase the packaging effect, related to reduce packaging costs."