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Published on:2015/1/5 13:31:47

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Introduction:In recent years, along with the food and packaging machinery companies continue to work hard, food and packing machinery industry into a new stage of ...

In recent years,

, as food and packaging machinery companies continue to work hard, food and packing machinery industry into a new stage of development.However, with the emergence of new stage, the corresponding problem will also gradually revealed.In terms of the present, the food and packaging machinery need to break through the development channels is too single and development model too traditional two problems, the two problems will be more serious in the widespread application of electronic commerce.

The present development situation of

food and packing machinery industry is important for the food industry to give technical equipment industry, plays an important role in the development of food industry.Food and packaging machinery is shouldering the promoting value-added agricultural products and farmers' income and food industry industrial upgrading's important mission, the market competition will be fierce.With the vigorous development of China's food industry, food and packaging machinery production and sales as the rose.

food and packaging machinery mainly including beverage machinery, pasta machine, roasting machine, drying equipment, filling machinery and so on several types, each type of have more than 10 kinds, there are many different kinds of food and packaging machinery, can adapt to a variety of job requirements, that is food with packaging mechanical energy to the first condition of rapid development.

according to the statistics, up to 45 m food processing machinery enterprises in our country, the current domestic engaged in packaging machinery production research and development of enterprises more than 7000, but most companies are some of the small and medium-sized enterprise competitive power is not strong, such enterprises are generally the development of the traditional road, it is difficult to win bigger development.

without the use of electronic commerce, not only to expand the enterprise's operating costs, compress the profit space, and very bad for the customer with product circulation between enterprises, thereby limiting the speed development of enterprise.Thus, in the modern electrical business environment, packaging machinery to win big market, have good development space is a must go with the flow, with the development of electrical business era, positive cater to electricity, grappling with electricity.

Expand the market

into electricity

as is known to all, every industry in different stage of development has a corresponding problem, right now, the main problem is the packaging machinery industry development channel model.Traditional offline by mining customers to a serious influence on development pattern of industry development speed, but with the advent of the era of e-commerce, many traditional enterprise in efforts to adapt to the electricity, application of electricity.Packaging machinery of electricity is coming.

the emergence of electronic commerce integrates the traditional channel and the current development of double advantage, not only help packing machinery enterprises to reduce production costs, expand sales channels, thereby freeing up more broad market space for development, can make between enterprises and customers to complete without regional restrictions, time limit of trade, development and prosperity of the industry.

More than

food machinery industry in our country for small businesses, branding consciousness is not strong, through the low prices to attract buyers way doesn't work, create high-quality brand, product quality is reliable, e-commerce will bring greater economic benefits.

network information is huge, by China's food machinery equipment net trade e-commerce model has tasted the sweets to more traditional industry.Briefly to understand the status of the manufacturer and the product of the first online, compared analysis after detailed understanding, let buyers to save a lot of time and energy.More buyers, online procurement, make transactions more convenient!

electricity is changed in the future development trend is more significant,

in the future, electronic commerce is a better way of business, packaging specifications, bid, design, contract signing, operation manual, etc to be able to automatic transmission.The Internet this a powerful science and technology can bring significant to global food and packing machinery market opportunity.Can through the network to achieve critical business, improve after-sales service, shorten the turnover period, make greater gains from limited resources, so as to achieve the goal of selling goods.

the role of electronic commerce in packaging machinery marketing main table currently: to develop the international market, the construction of service 24 hours a day, get customer feedback.The world into the information age, competition presents a high speed, high strength, all-round, the implementation of e-commerce is our country and other countries food and packing machinery enterprise must to exploit the international market trends.

at present, the electronic commerce channels as new channels of food and packaging machinery development, the thought that the industry is moving toward information, network era progress, this theme is the development of the society in the future development trend is also a must to cater to the theme of social development, will certainly have a good future.

Key-word:Packaging machinery, machinery and equipment, food machinery

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