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Modern animal husbandry in north China (langfang) exhibition in March next year

Published on:2015/1/5 11:37:26

Keyword:Equipment, agricultural machinery, control system, mechanical equipment, packaging machinery
Introduction:Dec 22 - exhibition overview research decision, in 2015 will be held in langfang international conference and exhibition center north of modern animal...

On December 22, dispatch & have spent


studies, 2015 will be held in langfang international conference and exhibition center north of modern animal husbandry expo, are expected to come from all over the country more than 50000 people attended, indoor and outdoor booth 2700.

, 2015 in north China (langfang) exposition of modern animal husbandry goal is to the north into a regional animal husbandry and animal husbandry expo economic ties, livestock industry brand exhibition and the window to the international market.Through strengthening promotion, display, communication, docking, leading exhibition function, make the north 10 provincial 7 city animal husbandry expo plays an important role in setting up the push to promote modern animal husbandry.

government attaches great importance to: northern modern animal husbandry expo huge events listed in the city, municipal 369 t love lubricious li attaches great importance to the optical density meter mansion, clear requirements of the municipal party committee: do a good job fair, promote the development of modern animal husbandry, nice and fast.

to speed up the pace of modern animal husbandry, further enhance the comprehensive production capacity of the animal husbandry, complete safety, high quality, high efficiency, ecological animal husbandry can keep the development purposes.Construction of animal husbandry and related industry production, processing, trade, management, marketing and consumer interaction bridge;Give the unity cooperation, fair competition, mutual benefit and win-win development platform;Wider communication market information at home and abroad, enhance exchanges and cooperation, enhance the overall level of the animal husbandry with international competitiveness;Promotion of new varieties, new products, new technology, new achievements;Show the enterprise image and products, create famous brand.

Exhibits range


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source: China's agricultural machinery organic net

Key-word:Equipment, agricultural machinery, control system, mechanical equipment, packaging machinery

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