Jiangsu province pledges inspect bureau released building materials quality supervision and spot check report

Published on:2015/1/5 11:18:36

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Introduction:30, in jiangsu province pledges inspect bureau released the interior wall paint, wallpaper and other building decoration materials products quality su...


, jiangsu province pledges inspect bureau published interior wall paint, wallpaper and other building decoration materials products quality supervision and spot check report, 141 batches of interior wall coating products, 16 batch is not in conformity with the relevant standards, does not conform to the project for washing resistance, free formaldehyde with alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether.Risk monitoring 112 batches of the wallpaper products are 84 batches detection phthalic acid ester substances, namely the plasticizer.

wallpaper by more than seventy percent plasticizer

the spot check of 112 batches of wallpaper products, 109 batches in accordance with relevant national standards, the percent of pass is 97.3%.The main problem is that there are three kinds of paper-based fade indicators do not conform to the requirements of the standard of the product.Fade sex not up to standard, wallpaper in use after a period of time is easy to appear fade phenomenon, affect beautiful with using life.

and dangerous monitoring results show that 112 39 batches product batch is not in conformity with the relevant standards, the coincidence rate of 65.2%.84 batches of phthalic acid esters material detection (BBP, DEHP, DBP), the proportion of 75%.Phthalic acid esters material is a kind of fat-soluble synthetic organic compounds, most of phthalic acid ester compounds have different degree of harm to human body health, is a global environment infection, Chinese HJ2502-2010 "environment mark product technical requirements wallpaper" requirement of DBP and DEHP, BBP banned artificial add in production experience.

in addition, the formaldehyde release a quantity to Angle, monitoring in 112 batches of samples, according to the Japanese standard (JISA6921-2003) of formaldehyde release a quantity to exceed limit value of 35 batches, compared with 31.3% of the total batch.According to the instructions, formaldehyde release a quantity is an indicator of the wallpaper products environmental performance, indoor formaldehyde reaches a certain limit will affect human health.

qualitative inspect branch reminds, when consumer is buying the wallpaper products first to see the logo label, name address information is complete, the choose and buy complete Chinese label tag information products;When buying wallpaper with adhesive, try to choose and buy glutinous rice glue of natural environmental protection, starch glue;The choose and buy PVC wallpaper (5485, 120.00, 2.24%), we suggest a little thin coating products.Else, should pay attention to distinguish between pure paper wallpaper, pure non-woven paper wallpaper, wallpaper, non-woven paper base wallpaper four types of quality differences.Interior wall coating coincidence rate 88.6% by

interior wall coating usually give priority to with water-based paint.In jiangsu province quality supervision and spot check of 2014 of quality control, 141 batches of interior wall coating products have two batches of formaldehyde is unqualified products.According to the instructions, free formaldehyde in interior wall coating mainly comes from synthetic resin emulsion with fungicide, etc.Consumers to buy free formaldehyde of interior wall coating, easy cause indoor air infection, more when high concentration can cause nausea, vomiting, cough, chest tightness, asthma, emphysema, even lead to death.

in addition, there are 11 unqualified batch washing resistance.This is an important indicator of success for coating quality.The higher the resistance wash times, introduces the coating contained in the basic material, the more the physical properties of the coating, the better, resistance wash unqualified product, easy to appear the phenomenon such as metope layer off, off powder, metope can show much washing time, loss of protective and decorative coatings.Companies use inferior raw materials to reduce cost are the important cause leading to the resistance wash is unqualified.

at the same time with reference to the quality supervision department ST - 4 surface resistance tester au REACH annex 17 alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether (APEO) requirement, 80 batches of 141 batches of samples sample implementation risk monitoring.Monitoring results show that there are 57 batch detection of alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether, 71% detection rate.

chemical properties of APEO have good wetting, osmosis, emulsification, dispersion, solubilization and washing, wetting agent in paint raw materials, emulsion with dispersant, etc are likely to contain APEO.People usually think of APEO ecological toxicity problems mainly focus on its security, biodegradability and environmental hormone problem.

quality watchdog warns customer, interior wall coating products on the market more packaging for 20 kg\/drum, if single barrel price below 80 yuan, recommend careful to buy.Choose emulsioni paint to see coating precipitation, caking phenomenon;Smell of paint smell, excitant odour, the emulsioni paint of real environmental protection should be ability in swimming, non-toxic tasteless.Mix emulsioni paint with a wooden stick, reoccupy club instigates come, the meeting when high grade emulsioni paint flows downstream into arc shape;A finger touch, quality goods emulsioni paint should be the feel is smooth, exquisite.