The development trend of auto mould industry

Published on:2014/12/16 15:40:47

Keyword:Mold, automotive, welding, powder metallurgy, parts, measuring system, control system, photoelectric, nc machine tools
Introduction:Mold is the important cornerstone of industrial development, also, the mould is the basis for the automobile industry technology and equipment, in car...

mold is the important cornerstone of industrial development, in the same way, the mould is the basis for the automobile industry technology and equipment, in car production more than 90% of the parts need to rely on die forming.Auto mould development trends will affect the development of the auto industry, auto mould industry has the following trends: (1) the rapid development of digital mold technology got rapid development in recent years the digital mold technology, is to resolve the problems faced in the development of auto mould, the effective way to (2) the increasingly important CAE technology with the rapid development of computer software and hardware, stamping experience simulation technology (CAE) plays a more and more important role.In many developed countries, CAE technology has become a necessary link in mold design and manufacturing experience, widely used in predicting the forming defects, and optimization of stamping process and die structure, improve the reliability of the mold design, to reduce the test time.Many auto mould domestic enterprises in the application of CAE has gained significant progress, has obtained the good effect.The application of CAE technology can greatly save the cost of test, shorten the development cycle of stamping die and has become an important means to ensure the quality of the mould.CAE technology is gradually make mold design by the experience design into a scientific design.(3) the advanced processing technology and equipment of advanced processing technology and equipment is an important basis of improve productivity and ensure the quality of products.In advanced auto mould enterprises equipped with double workbench of nc machine tools, automatic tool change device (ATC), automatic processing of photoelectric control system, workpiece online measuring system are.Nc machining has been developed from simple type to the processing surface profile and structure of the comprehensive treatment, by the low speed to high speed machining, the processing process automation technology is developing very quickly.(4) is widely used because of high strength steel of high strength steel in showed ability, strain hardening characteristics, strain distribution with collision energy absorption has excellent properties such as Angle, increase the amount of use in the car.At present, in the car stamping of high strength steel are mainly used on the lacquer that bake hardening steel (BH) steel, dual phase steel (DP) steel and transformation induced plasticity steel (TRIP) steel, etc.(5) to the breakthrough of high strength steel plate stamping technology is currently a large number of adopted mainly the IF steel mild steel will be replaced by high strength steel plate series, series of high strength low alloy steel will be replaced by dual phase steel with ultra-high strength steel.At present, the domestic auto parts more than the application of high strength steel plate shall be limited to structures with beam type parts, the tensile strength of the material used in less than 500 mpa.So, quickly grasp the high strength steel plate stamping technology, is China's auto mould industry is an important problem to be solved.Progressive die (6) focus on developing with the development of automobile stamping production efficiency and automation, progressive die stamping parts of the car will be more widely applied in production.Is a kind of new and high technology of progressive die mold, technical difficulty is big, manufacturing high accuracy requirement, production cycle is long, multi-station progressive die is one of China's focus on the development of mold products, shape of complex stamping parts, special is some vice die according to the traditional process need more points sequence system of small and medium sized complicated stampings, adopt more progressive die forming.(7) high performance die materials research and development of mold material quality and performance is with the cost of important factors affecting the service life of die quality,.In recent years, in addition to continue to have a variety of high toughness and high wear resistance cold work die steel, flame quenching cold work die steel, cold work die steel metallurgical powder launch, choose cast iron materials in large and medium-sized stamping die abroad, is a notable development trends.Strong ductile cast iron has good toughness and wear resistance, its welding properties, machinability, surface quenching performance are good, and cost than low alloy cast iron, so the application in automobile stamping die is more.Scientific with information management,


auto mould technology development is another important point of scientific management with information technology.Scientific management of the mold enterprises continue to manufacture on time with the direction of lean production, enterprise management more accurate, the production efficiency is improved, invalid institutions, link with people continue to cut.With the progress of modern management technology, many advanced information management tools, including enterprise resource management system (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), and project management (PM), etc., widely used in the mold enterprise.


of the fine manufacture

so-called mold fine manufacturing minolta CS - 1000, is the result of the mold development experience with manufacturing, specifically for the rationalization of stamping process and die structure design, mould processing of high precision, high reliability of the mold with the rigor of technology management.Fine die & mould manufacturing is not a single technology, but rather reflects the comprehensive design, processing and management technology.Mould made of fine finish in addition to rely on technical excellence, but also rely on strict management to guarantee.

Key-word:Mold, automotive, welding, powder metallurgy, parts, measuring system, control system, photoelectric, nc machine tools

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