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Agricultural products processing on a path to mechanical automation

Published on:2014/12/5 15:28:19

Keyword:Food machinery, robot, sensors, mechanical equipment
Introduction:Takeaway: processing of agricultural products is a major pillar of the rural economic development, with the development of food machinery, agricultura...

takeaway: processing of agricultural products is a major pillar of the rural economic development, with the development of food machinery, agricultural product processing industry is on the path of the mechanical automation.Before this pure manual "local", is also western style.After mechanical automation processing of agricultural products not only taste as good as handmade, in the production of more secure to the Angle of safety and health standards.

Agricultural products processing machinery automation is food machine or device (

) operating experience or working condition does not rely on human senses with manual and automatic.Most of the automatic control device of agricultural products processing machinery is a single input and single output, but with the rapid development of sensor with microprocessor, now has developed the automatic control of input and output devices, thus greatly improve the automation level.

agricultural products processing machinery automation should be to complete the production of high efficiency and high precision, reduce production cost, save resource, improve the quality of agricultural products with complete safety production, etc as the goal, to meet the needs of people in agricultural production and consumption., of course, the one-sided seeking highly automated, too much emphasis on cutting-edge technology, to develop X-ray RITE528 reflection densitometer development does not conform to the actual need, the price expensive automation technology and equipment, is not.Our goal is to use in line with the actual production of advanced technology, complete the agricultural products processing and production of high quality, high yield, high efficiency, the development of the realistic condition for agricultural products processing production automation model.

the present many developed countries are carrying out a research into the development of the agricultural products processing robot, some research results have been applied in the agricultural products processing production.As robots in the industrial production to reduce production costs and improve product quality, the same robot in agricultural products processing production has the same effect, such as packaging robot has been widely used in the production line.However, because of the automation of China starts relatively late, at this height Angle of lack of applied research and instance are compared.

Agricultural products processing mechanization from the past to the present

always ACTS as a leading role in the modernization of agricultural products processing, the development of the society to the mechanization of agricultural production and said higher requirements, namely complete food machinery automation.Food machinery automation can improve the production efficiency, save resources, reduce agricultural production cost, improve product quality, strengthen the international competitiveness of agricultural products will play a key role in mechanized production system in the future, push and complete food machinery automation, is home food mechanical engineering technology work long-term issues facing with challenge.

with the rapid development of electronic industry, food machinery automation will from the part of food machinery automation to unmanned automation development and agricultural products processing robot, agricultural products processing will become high technology intensive industries.For reasonable advance food machinery automation, should meet the production practice, choose the priority of the advance automation, reasonable choice of the mode of automation, staged process of automation.