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2015 Shanghai food packaging and processing technology and equipment exhibition held in October

Published on:2014/12/5 15:28:16

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Introduction:"2015 Shanghai food processing and packaging machinery exhibition in China (hereinafter referred to as & quot; Shanghai food machinery exhibition & qu...

"2015 China's food processing and packaging machinery exhibition in Shanghai" (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai food machinery exhibition") will be held in Shanghai everbright international conference and exhibition center in 2015.Exhibition will show the food processing and packaging technology innovation and development, further enhance the consciousness of food safety control of the enterprise with the introspection of self-control.

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the exhibition to "show the food processing and packaging machinery, obtained the cofco, wahaha, huiyuan, snow beer, fenjiu group, master kong well-known enterprises such as support and response. With the same time, several countries, including the United States, Germany, has certain group exhibition with region, will be geared to the needs of the user specified advanced food testing equipment, the safety food processing machinery, food packaging, food, Internet of things technology. In addition, the exhibition has Italy, Indonesia, Thailand, Austria and other countries embassy support.

the government leading high-end exhibition

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, 2015, Shanghai food is under the guidance of food machinery and packaging association in our country, the support of the relevant ministries and commissions of high-end food machinery showcase, is one of the important exhibition of the national food machinery exhibition, is the highest specifications and most widely influential high-end communication platform.Exhibition at the same food safety in our country BBS is currently China's food safety field, specifications of the highest professional summit held in Shanghai in October each year, the tenth consecutive.Each exhibition to have association leaders and relevant departments to visit.

resource sharing efficient platformShanghai food machinery exhibition (2015) by

domestic food machinery and packaging association with fubon Shanghai exhibition service co., LTD. Jointly explore the professional association of professional exhibition company operation mode, sufficient play their respective advantages, will be for the industry to establish professional and efficient trading platform.Exhibition dedicated to promote the healthy development of food industry, promote the construction quality and safety, supply full system characteristics of modern food industry in China.Organizers hope Shanghai food machinery exhibition (2015) to promote China's food machinery industry, promote the development of food industry of independent brands and technology of China, play a strategic role in leading.

Key-word:Food machinery, food packaging, packaging machinery, industrial machinery

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