Shaanxi holds spin enterprise and spin machinery company to develop in inferior market informal discussion

Published on:2014/11/28 11:46:25

Keyword:Spin is mechanical, electromechanical
Introduction:Organization of office of Shaanxi province business affairs holds enterprise of complete province spin and spin machinery company to develop in inferi...

Organization of office of Shaanxi province business affairs holds enterprise of complete province spin and spin machinery company to develop in inferior market informal discussion

Recently, hall of province business affairs held enterprise of complete province spin and spin machinery company to develop in area of Wu of Xi'an international harbor in inferior market informal discussion. Secretary of office leading Party group, office grows Yao Chaoying to attend a forum, listen to the opinion that follows conference representing, proposal to speak, deputy office grows Tang Yu to just moderated, chief of bureau of relevant city business affairs follows firm of system of enterprise of spin of complete province part and spin machinery company, banking, investment, advisory orgnaization in all 32 businesses follow an unit more than 50 delegate attended the meeting.

On the meeting, in inferior Shaanxi chamber of commerce, Xinjiang China seeks advice from hall of business affairs of company, province to be stationed in Kazakstan with international business affairs the unit such as branch of Shaanxi of company of credit insurance of exit of place of delegate of hall of Si Tan business affairs, our country explained respectively in inferior national textile industry lags behind. River of group of Xi'an spin group, salty in relief spin, Xi'an shows disrespect or contempt chicken of course of study of new cloth of prosperous of chicken of industrial limited company, treasure, treasure grows limited company of science and technology of mountain spin Electromechanical to wait for spin enterprise to follow spin machinery company union oneself develops development discussion, and enterprise singles is fought alone in developing inferior the danger of the market follows difficulty, come on stage to support policy guiding relevantly to follow encourage industry on hope province " go " in developing inferior the market.

This the informal discussion is in in-depth survey I save partial spin enterprise to follow current situation of spin machinery company, in enough analysis inferior on base of state of national natural resources, in order to develop in inferior the market, drive spin machine " go " , transfer me to save spin company dominant position to produce can, promote me to save extroversion economy to develop what hold for the theme quickly, got the height of industry business is agreed with. Offerred to the informal discussion with conference representing affirm amply, think this second the informal discussion is saved with me to open on the west with build economy of the Silk Road to take new start strategy union is close together, conference target is specific, times sex, specific aim is strong, seek advice to saving business affairs hall to be about to organize, financial orgnaization is gone to with relevant enterprise in inferior the country develops special subject survey to make an on-the-spot investigation place solicitous.

Yao Chaoying was listened to after discussing a speech with conference representing, make known his position, in saving business affairs hall to will built development X-RITE528 as always to reflex a densimeter for everybody inferior the platform of the market, in doing investigation group of good special subject to go to further inferior national development survey makes an on-the-spot investigation to arrange the job with what negotiate, do well actively for everybody harmonious servive routine, in carrying out spin enterprise to be developed with spin machinery company inferior the market. In the meantime, in saving spin enterprise to develop with spin machinery company to me inferior the market made known his position to suggested at 5 o'clock: It is the integral dominant position that should develop business of complete province spin, embrace a group " go " , plan development jointly; 2 be in wanting to be opposite inferior market development survey, make an on-the-spot investigation seriously, choose good place, had decided; 3 it is to pay attention to the function that uses advisory intermediary orgnaization, in comprehensive understanding inferior legal laws and regulations of the country follows investment policy; 4 it is the action that pays attention to organization of banking of have the aid of, promote " go " quicken pace; 5 it is to pay attention to draw lessons from me to save " go " the successful experience of the enterprise, avoid danger, promotion efficiency.